June 17, 2016



2018 Annual Conference Sponsorship

The AYIA’s Annual Conference provides an excellent opportunity to promote research and networking between archaeologists in the early stages of their academic or commercial careers. The conference will be free and open to the public, with online and print advertisements.

In a new initiative, the AYIA has planned a partnership with the Scottish Student Archaeology Society. The SSAS is hosting their own conference in Glasgow on the 27-28 January 2018. Our partnership will produce a collaborative publication of proceedings from both conferences. This will establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the AYIA and the SSAS, one that will promote the dissemination of student research beyond our respective countries.

We are hoping to entice financial support from sponsors for both the conference and this collaborative publication. To do so, we have set three sponsorship levels (Copper Sponsors, Bronze Sponsors, & Iron Sponsors) with distinct benefits. For further details, please consider the attached Sponsorship Advertisement.

The Association of Young Irish Archaeologists is run by students and those new to the field of archaeology. This means we have to be very creative with a minimal, if not already non-existent, budget.

Many expenses are paid out of our own pockets or via the generous sponsorship of organisations, businesses, and others.

If you would like to help out please contact us!

Your funds will go towards things like:

  • the annual conference and other events
  • awards for best presentation and/or poster
  • marketing materials

We’d be happy to list you on our site as a thank you, place your logo on our conference materials, or show some other form of gratitude. Every little bit helps!

Please contact us at ayiaconference@gmail.com and your contribution will go towards the upcoming conference!

Thank you!

AYIA Committee