June 14, 2016



The AYIA adopted an updated constitution on 16 January 2018.

Download the current constitution as a PDF here or view below.


Constitution of the Association of Young Irish Archaeologists – Rev 1.2

1. The name of this association shall be the Association of Young Irish Archaeologists, hereafter referred to as the ‘Association’.

2. The purpose of the Association shall be the forwarding of communication and cooperation between interested parties, the provision of a forum for new ideas, and the fostering of interest and enthusiasm for archaeology at ‘junior’ level in Ireland.

(i) For the purpose of article 2 above, ‘junior level’ shall be interpreted as undergraduate and postgraduate students, junior members of local archaeological societies, commercial archaeologists at an early stage in their career and interested individuals- those new to the field of archaeology in Ireland.

(ii) Membership of the Association shall comprise of two classes:

a. Those students who are members of the Archaeology Society of their University, Institute, or College are automatically members of the Association.

b. Those who must apply for membership by submitting their name and address to the National Committee e-mail at ayiacommittee@gmail.com.

3. The business of the Association shall consist principally of seminars, joint field trips, publication, and the Annual Conference.

4. The business of the Association shall be conducted by the National Committee who will at all times represent the interests of the members.

(i) The National Committee shall consist of one representative from each Society (as defined below) to be nominated by that Society (preferably a postgraduate representative or the Auditor/Chairperson of said Society) and three multi-annual representatives (see 5). Officers of the National Committee can be removed from their posts upon acknowledgement by other National Committee officers of conduct unbecoming a National Committee officer and/or the neglect of duties. A two-thirds majority of the National Committee is required for the removal of a committee member.

a. If the National Committee is comprised of only the chairperson, then only their approval is required to make changes, unless a member of the public raises issue within one month of its publication.

(ii) It is the responsibility of each outgoing Society to ensure that a new Association Representative is elected prior to the dissolution of said Society (before the dissolution of the outgoing National Committee). The representative nominated by the host centre will serve as Conference Organiser on the National Committee.

a. It is the responsibility of each Society, before dissolution, to forward the name, address, contact number, and email of their representative to the National Committee. This information will be presented to the Chairperson of the National Committee whose responsibility it will be to facilitate the establishment of the new National Committee.

i. These stipulations will be written into the constitution of each Society involved.

(iii) For the purposes of this article, section 4(i), the word ‘Society’ shall be interpreted as indicating the Societies of Institute of Technology, Sligo (ITS), National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), Queens University, Belfast (QUB), Trinity College Dublin (TCD), University College Cork (UCC), and University College Dublin (UCD).

(iv) Provision may be made from time to time for representation of other types of member not already provided for in this constitution.

(v) The hosting of the Association’s Annual Conference is to rotate annually between the member societies in this order: NUIG – QUB – ITS – TCD – UCC -UCD.

a. If the designated society is unable to host the conference, it is deemed the responsibility of the National Committee to inform the next society on said rotation (see 4(v)) that they shall host the conference.

(vi) Responsibility for the annual publication lies with the host centre, the editor of such publication to be elected by the host centre and the National Committee.

(vii) Any financial profit/loss made from the annual conference and/or publication shall remain with the host centre.

5. The officers of the National Committee shall consist of three multi-annual representatives (See 5(i).), the Conference Organiser and five ordinary members. The post of Conference Organiser will be filled, each year, by the Association representative from the host centre. The five ordinary members will consist of the Association representatives from the five other institutions.

(i) The multi-annual representatives shall consist of the Chairperson, (responsible for convening the National Committee), the Assistant (responsible for assisting the Chairperson), and the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland (IAI) Representative (responsible for representing the views of the association’s membership at meetings of the IAI national committee).

a. The multi-annual representatives must be members of the Association. They shall be elected for three year, staggered terms, with one position being filled each year. Initially, the Chairperson shall be elected for three years, the Assistant for two years and the IAI representative for one year. All subsequent elections will all be for a period of three years.

b. In the event that one of the multi-annual representatives steps down, another member of the Association, nominated by the National Committee, will be appointed for the remainder of their term.

(ii) Provision may be made from time to time, at the discretion of the National Committee, for the creation of posts of special responsibility for the performance of specific functions.

(iii) Notification of the automatic members shall be forwarded to the Assistant by the individual Societies in October of every year. Additions of both class (a) and (b) members may be made throughout the year.

(iv) Multi-annual Officers of the National Committee may hold office for no more than two consecutive terms (in the same post or a different one). Other officers may hold office for two consecutive terms (in the same post or a different one) and shall be eligible for re-election after two further terms have expired. Multi-annual Officers may not serve in any other post within the Association.

(v) At least one meeting of the National Committee shall be held per annum at the Annual Conference at the beginning of January, though more are advised. Four shall constitute a quorum for such meetings.

(vi) The Annual General Meeting of the Association members shall be held during the Annual Conference of the Association. Provision is also made for the convening of an extraordinary General Meeting. Notice of such is to be provided to members at least three weeks in advance of the proposed date. Application for convening an E.G.M. can be made to the National Committee at least five weeks in advance of proposed date. The National Committee shall then notify members.

(vii) At least three weeks notice shall be given of meetings of the National Committee.

(x) Contact details for the members of the National Committee shall be posted on the Association’s website (http://ayia.ie/).

6. This constitution shall take effect from 17th January 2018.

(i) Amendments to this constitution include (but may not be limited to):

a. Modifying the formatting.

b. Fixing spelling and grammatical errors.

c. Updated the rotation order of host universities.

(ii) Amendments to this constitution may be made at the Annual Conference under the following conditions.

a. That notice of intent to propose such amendments shall be given in writing to the Chairperson one month prior to the Annual Conference.

b. That a two-thirds majority of the members present, consenting to such amendments, is obtained.

c. If the National Committee is comprised of only the chairperson, then only their approval is required to make changes, unless a member of the public raises issue within one month of its publication.

(iii) Amendments must be listed under section 6(i) in order to keep track of changes between Constitution changes.

(iv) A revision number will be given to each updated and/or revised Constitution.

a. The original Constitution, published on 30 June 2009 is Rev 1.0.

b. The revised Constitution, published on 23 April 2016 is Rev 1.1.

c. The revised Constitution, published on 16 January 2018 is Rev 1.2.

Previous constitutions can be found here.