Interested in Achill Archaeology? Want to do a Field School?


In 1850, a storm exposed the remains of a Neolithic Village at Skara Brae in Orkney, Scotland. Archaeological investigation found that the village was abandoned in the Neolithic period, 4,500 years ago in the aftermath of a huge sandstorm that overwhelmed the village. Presumably a sandstorm was also responsible for the abandonment of the village known as Tóin an tSean Bhaile (Bottom of the old town) at Caraun Point in Tonatanvally, Achill Island.

In July and August, Achill Field School will excavate one of the houses eroding out of the sand dunes at Caroun Point and also a nearby shell midden ( The site is bordered by a rare machair landscape – an extensive low-lying fertile plain – found only in western Ireland and northern Scotland.

Who knows what we will find at Caraun Point? Join the excavation team and find out!

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